5 Gifts ideas for holiday romance

Rituals are at the core of the holiday season, and social scientists suggest rituals have two important biological functions. 

Rituals “helps coordinate group behavior and it teaches the young how to behave,” and, thus, rituals become a “cognitive imperative,” according to a 2013 article on ScientificAmerican.com.

In other words, a ritual is a healthy adaption essential to humankind’s survival. As you perform rituals, your brain rewards you with neurochemicals that signal “keep doing this because it may save your life someday.”

Here is my list of suggestions to create shared meaning, or rituals, in your relationship:

  1. Give the gift of appreciation
  2. Give the gift of intimacy
  3. Give the gift of understanding
  4. Give the gift of happy memories
  5. Give the gift of planning

These rituals, or shared experiences, strengthen friendship with meaningful connections to one another, by creating memories, and defining the “story” of your relationship.

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