Why I Become a Gottman Couples Therapist

I initially pursued a career in psychology and social work because I wanted to help children who were hurting, but quickly found that I could most benefit children by counseling with their parents.

I found that the strength of the parents’ relationship closely correlated with the success of the treatment plan for their child. Some parents struggled in their own husband-wife relationship and, as expected, they were far too stressed to provide necessary support for their children struggling with serious issues such as depression, ADHD, substance abuse and panic disorders.

But even parents with healthy marriages were taxed by the weight of helping their children with mental and emotional disorders. I decided to change the focus of my specialty from individual therapy for children to couples therapy. However, working with couples required a completely new skill set. Visit at: http://principleskills.com/why-i-become-a-gottman-couples-therapist/


My Journey to becoming a Certified Gottman Marriage Counselor

I entered the field of psychology and social work with the intention of helping children. No family support. No government entity to watch over them. No financial means except their own earnings.

Most teenagers in stable homes are posturing for independence from their parents. However, as a foster teens’ chances of belonging to a loving family come to an end, they still hope for a place and people to call home.

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