Couples Workshop is for Engaged Couples and Newlyweds


Start your marriage on the right path. Learn how couples in happy, long-lasting marriages work through gridlocked conflict, identify and overcome underlying issues, and maintain intimacy… plus much more!
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Recognize and counter three types of harmful betrayals

According to marriage research expert Dr. John Gottman, betrayals can be either the “deception of not revealing your true needs in order to avoid conflict or a yearning for emotional connection from outside the relationship.”

A betrayal is anything that violates a committed relationship’s expectation of mutual trust, respect, protection and caring because it can lead to pain and disaster. Three of the hard-to-spot, yet common, types of non-sexual betrayals are:

  • Emotional Cheating
  • Emotional Withdrawal
  • Shallow Commitment

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Couples weekend workshop – the Art and Science of love


The Art and Science of Love is a workshop for couples in all stages of their relationship, and has been shown to achieve positive results similar to 6 months of couples therapy. Why?

Because it is based on proven methods and relationship concepts. You’ll go home with a package of techniques, cards, tools and tips to continually elevate your relationship.

This is the premier couples weekend workshop. Its creators are marriage therapists and scientists who cross-collaborated. They grounded the workshop on studies of thousands of actual couples observed over decades.

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A Proper And Meaningful Way To Say ‘I’M SORRY’

The way you apologize after hurting your loved one determines whether healing will occur or hurtful feelings will fester.

Research shows successful relationships know how to offer “real” apologies. Here are five characteristics of what a genuine, meaningful apology looks and sounds like:

  1. Show accountability
  2. Validate your partner’s feelings
  3. Express your feelings
  4. Offer Reassurance
  5. Offer up a repair or amends.

According to marriage expert Dr. John Gottman, we miss the target far more often than we hit it. As imperfect humans, we miscommunicate, misinterpret, misspeak and mishear.

Since missing is the norm, our ability to make repairs is critical to making and keeping our valued relationships. A “real” apology goes a long way towards doing just that.

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Partner Council Meetings Strengthen Your Union

Happy relationships occur when family members physically and emotionally “Turn Towards” each other. This concept is buttressed by research by The Gottman Institute, which is world-renowned for its science-based methods to discover what couples in happy, long term relationships do, and to develop exercises based on their findings.

Unfortunately, many husbands and wives get caught up in the busyness of life and put off regular date nights, let alone heart-to-heart councils together. Demands on time and not knowing where to start are the primary obstacles.

While each couple will have to navigate their schedules to prioritize couple time, the link below will help you get started.

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