Who Should Attend a Couples Workshop


  • may not want to go to private counseling, but seek practical, hands-on information to strengthen their relationships.
  • need to get away from the daily grind and get together for a retreat.
  • value the chance for a marriage or relationship “check up.”
  • want to ensure their relationship is sustainable and lasting.
  • has been in a short- or long-term relationship.
  • may be in distress and seek a roadmap to repairing the relationship.
  • have a strong relationship and seek insight to make it even better.

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Couples weekend workshop – the Art and Science of love


The Art and Science of Love is a workshop for couples in all stages of their relationship, and has been shown to achieve positive results similar to 6 months of couples therapy. Why?

Because it is based on proven methods and relationship concepts. You’ll go home with a package of techniques, cards, tools and tips to continually elevate your relationship.

This is the premier couples weekend workshop. Its creators are marriage therapists and scientists who cross-collaborated. They grounded the workshop on studies of thousands of actual couples observed over decades.

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