God, Humans, and The Need For Connection


What happens when human connection is lost? When we become overly concerned with virtual connections? How do we fight back against obsessive technology-use in our homes? The series concludes with ATTUNE formula to help couples and families truly connect and form lasting, loving relationships.

Love Touches: Hardwired, Divinely Inspired
Humans are hardwired for connection with other humans. The worldwide scientific research that supports this thesis is so prolific that I can’t even begin to cite it all. One that is especially interesting and relevant is a 2007 study published in Science magazine which found that infants who received meaningful human connections – consistent, long-term, endearing love from a parent figure – did much better than infants raised in institutions.

To read Complete first part of this series, Click here: http://principleskills.com/blog/gods-humans-and-the-need-for-connection-part-1-of-4



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