Benefits of couples workshops

As a marriage therapist and counselor for nearly 20 years, many couples ask me if a couples weekend workshop is really worthwhile.

The answer is, “Yes!” Here’s why:

  • Immediate Tools for Couples:

    Workshop attendees immediately apply relationship skills learned at the workshop. A reputable workshop will provide materials and manuals for couples to take home and knowledge of easily applicable skills.

  • Improved Progress for Treatment:

    Couples say they are refreshed by their workshop experience and are motivated to continue to improve their relationship.

  • Greater Awareness:

    Attendees are taught concepts that are common in couples therapy. Thus, they benefit from a variety of psycho-educational tools without the high costs of private therapy.

  • Relationship Boost:

    Couples who have invested in therapy sessions consider the workshop a much needed “booster shot” for the relationship.

    I recommend The Art and Science of Love, A Couples Workshop, created by The Gottman Institute. Full disclosure: I am a Certified Gottman Therapist and I present these workshops.

    I received my Gottman credentials because, after a long search for the best relationship tools, I discovered that The Gottman Institute is the only couples workshop backed by rigorous scientific studies and research. Its couples workshop methods really work, making it the fastest way to a happier relationship.

    Caralee Frederic has practiced as a private couples and individual therapist, specializing in marriage therapy and counseling, for almost 20 years. She is also a Certified Gottman Therapist and presenter of The Art and Science of Love.


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